About Us

Whitepeak was founded in 2007 and is led by Fergal Murray and Sasha Wilson. We’re based in Dublin, Ireland, and most of our work is with Irish companies who want to reach new markets or North American firms seeking to ramp up in Europe.

The founders are experienced and highly effective sales and marketing people. We’ve both been entrepreneurs, and served as senior executives in big and small technology companies for over 15 years. We’ve both had some real successes, a couple of failures, and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

We really enjoy working with small and medium sized companies where we get to help shape the corporate strategy, but we’ve done some great work with established companies who’ve had specific sales or marketing challenges.

We’re efficient and cost-effective, and we know how to get results. If you have a question we’d love to hear from you.

Fergal Murray

Fergal started his career as a market analyst in London in the 80’s, but he soon got bored of watching instead of doing. He did a degree in computer science, and spent most of the 90’s in San Francisco. He did a stint in IT in a big stockbroker, finished up as head of IT for a successful dotcom.

He returned home to Dublin, completed an MBA, and then launched a venture-backed technology startup in 2001.

Immediately before Whitepeak, he led the market entry of an Irish software company into the US. He ran sales and marketing, closed a string of big deals and established the company as the clear market leader in its field.

Fergal's backround in IT means that he has a particular affinity for engagements involving enterprise sofware and security technologies.

He also enjoys as complex sales where corporate and product positioning make all the difference.

There’s nothing Fergal likes better that out-maneuvering the competition. He sometimes talks too loudly when he gets excited. For more details, have a look at his LinkedIn profile.

Sasha Wilson

Fresh out of theatre school, Sasha got a job at a dial up bulletin board. Before long she was off stage and online for good and working with a variety of online and technology companies spanning the financial services, tourism & recreation, internet security, e-commerce, and connectivity sectors.

She’s held senior roles across several disciplines including Accounting, Customer Care, and Operations. But Sales & Marketing have a special place in her heart.

While VP Sales & Marketing for an internet services company with revenues of more than 15 million, she was responsible for direct, retail and channel sales programs, online and offline advertising and marketing, and product development.

Sasha’s planned and executed sales and marketing strategies for products big and small; from three dollar email accounts to multi million dollar software sales.

She’s currently completing an MBA. Sasha is a fan of the Oxford comma and to-do lists, and thinks utilize is a terrible word. For a more details, have a look at her LinkedIn profile.