Finding a New Market for a Security Technology

A mature technology gets a whole new market opportunity

The Situation

AEP Networks makes specialized encryption technologies to provide security for government, military and financial services networks.

The company’s Keyper Hardware Security Module (HSM) protects cryptographic key material for financial networks and high-value identity management systems.

The product was mature and traditional markets were saturated. Keyper was certified to a higher standard than competitive devices, but lacked the marketing budget for a head-to-head competition with the market leaders.

The Engagement

The key challenge was finding a new market segment that AEP could reach without a big budget.

Whitepeak analysed every sale of Keyper in the preceding 3 years and spoke to many of those customers.

One customer stood out.ICANN had purchased the product for a test implementation of DNSSEC, an emerging global standard that will boost Internet security over the next 3 years.

Whitepeak secured a case study from ICANN and began a systematic program of outreach to DNSSEC researchers and developers.

We arranged partnerships with the right software companies, and published information on how to implement DNSSEC with Keyper.

We educated the DNSSEC market about the importance of certification and presented at several government and industry conferences in the US and Europe.

The Results

Whitepeak’s engagement led directly to sales of over $200,000, and Keyper has become the de facto standard for security in high-value DNSSEC deployments.

ICANN andVeriSign will use Keyper to secure the global .COM, and .NET DNS zones.

The entire DNSSEC market now understands that the level of security certification is a critical factor when selecting a Hardware Security Module.