Marketing Plan for a Product Launch

Creating a marketing strategy that a startup could execute in-house

The Situation

Zoom provides web 2.0 websites and search technology to Canadian estate agents.

The company had finished core development and was preparing to launch in a test market.

The key goals were raising market awareness of the search service in one region, and driving traffic to the estate agents’ websites.

Zoom needed to control spend until a successful test had proven their concept. They had had no marketing expertise, but they had a strong sales team and wanted to keep marketing execution in-house. They engaged Whitepeak to help develop the marketing plan.

The Engagement

Whitepeak conducted a one-day workshop with the Zoom team to review their corporate strategy, goals and capabilities.

We compiled a list of suitable publications and media contacts, researched influential real estate bloggers in the test market and identified local conferences and speaking events for Zoom to attend.

Whitepeak defined a social media strategy that used Facebook to deliver sponsored real estate quizzes and an eye-catching ‘listing of the day’ to precise demographic segments in the test market.

We wrote a comprehensive to-do list and provided training and support to Zoom staff to help them execute.

The Results

Zoom’s test market launch was a complete success. Traffic to the search engine and individual realtor sites increased dramatically over a three month period.

Zoom is now generating over 50 qualified leads per week for each of the estate agents on their books.

The social media strategy was so effective that the Zoom decided to build a Facebook tool into their application. Estate agents can now publish listings to their own Facebook stream with a single click.

Zoom is now preparing to expand into new territories.