Using Social Media to Generate Leads

A technology company gets all the prospects they need at almost no cost.

The Situation

The client was selling a complex technology with a long sales cycle.

They believed that 200 companies globally might be interested in their product, and they had spent a lot of time chasing the local companies at the top of their list.

Sales and marketing resources were tight. Advertising was out of the question. Outbound calling had been time-consuming and unproductive.

The company needed to expand their sales pipeline.

The Engagement

As we explored the profile of the target customer, we discovered that the global market was about five times larger than previously thought.

With the client we identified industry-specific job titles that might be held by influencers in the purchasing cycle, and identified the social networking sites that might frequent.

We established online profiles for the industry experts who worked for the client. We created a set of short messages that would interest the prospects.

We set up a CRM system and populated it with the list of target companies.

We worked with the internal staff and showed them how to search for leads, send messages and responses, and systematically track and refine the process.

With a half-dozen job titles in 1,000 companies across several social networking sites, there were plenty of leads to find.

The Results

As the client refined the messages and the process, it established that 20-30 messages sent reliably generated two requests for a webinar; the next step in the sales cycle.

Within eight weeks the client had built a database of over 500 contacts from all over the word, of whom over 100 had an identified role in the purchasing process.

The company keeps the sales team busy with one day of marketing effort and virtually no expense.

The company can geo-target. If a sales person is travelling long distance, they can easily line up a second or third sales meeting on the same trip.